Acquisition of protective rights. Search, drafting, filing and prosecution before national Intellectual Property Offices up to grant with respect to applications for patents, trademarks, designs and utility models.

Defending and attacking protective rights. Defending your protective rights against attacks and attacking disturbing protective rights in opposition and invalidation proceedings.

Enforcement of protective rights. Counseling and support in the enforcement of your protective rights against infringers.

Freedom-to-Operate and Design-around. Search for disturbing protective rights; evaluation of the status of protective rights and counseling regarding your R&D activities.

 Contracts. Drafting of secrecy agreements, licence, technology transfer and development contracts; accomplishing and counseling as well as supporting negotiations.

Protective Rights Portfolio. Analysis of the status of protective rights of you and your competitors; developing and exploiting your protective rights portfolio.

Intellectual-Property Due Diligence. Assessment of protective rights and contracts of enterprises.

Protective rights abroad. Counseling and support regarding all aspects of foreign protective rights; in Asia, in particular in Japan and China, especially intensive support and counseling, since we are often on the spot and have particular intensive experiences and close contacts.

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